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Supreme Screen

Half Height Doors

The Impey Elevate range of half-height doors, available as either bi-fold or sliding for use on wetrooms and shower trays, are packed full of intelligent design and technical features. The market leading range of half-height doors help in assisting carers and users when showering by minimising water leakage outside of the showering via the use of a revolutionary assisted lifting door hinge.

With just a gentle pull or push of the Elevate handle, with hands, elbows or even just palms, the doors automatically lift clear of the shower floor; an easy task for users with weaker grips or accompanying carers assisting with showering.

Soft-touch, tactile 0-shaped handles, offer a comfortable, hygienic, and safer grip. The bi-fold range can be opened open and closed independently in both directions to provide increased access and comfort for all.

The seals will never drag across the coarse waterproof flooring and therefore have a much-increased guarantee of integrity.

Unique to both the FreeGlide and Elevate range of Impey doors, installation does not require any drilling into the vinyl flooring or floor substrate. This provides an absolute assurance of no leaks.

Level Dec

The Impey Level-Dec EasyFit wetroom floor former is an extremely strong 22mm thick GRP
floorboard replacement with 4 pre-formed drainage gradients that provides a level access wetroom floor suitable for a vinyl covering.

The Level-Dec EasyFit has revolutionised vinyl floor wetroom installation. Manufactured using high glass content SMC, the Level-Dec EasyFit is able to withstand up to 300kg (47 stone) without the need for under boarding, reducing both installation time and cost.The EasyFit rotating drain plate can spin through 360 degrees to avoid all underfloor wet room obstructions. The eccentric drain also features three locating rings, to provide superior hold between the Dec and the rotating drain plate. The Level-Dec EasyFit is supplied with either horizontal or vertical gravity drainage and a round vinyl clamping drain.

Supreme Screen

Supreme Screen

The Impey Supreme glass shower panel is an 8mm safety glass panel for use in assisted showering.

Supreme screens are supported by a polished aluminium column, which can be ceiling fixed, or wall braced, which offers the option of hanging a shower curtain to provide further screening. The column is secured to the floor with an innovative new fitting that requires no screws and can also be easily removed.


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